Annals of Arid Zone

The Annals of Arid Zone is totally devoted to dryland and arid zone research. The Journal accepts the original research and review articles covering diverse fields like dryland agriculture, crop management, soil-plant-water relationship, range ecology and management, solar energy utilization, desertification, rangelands, sand dunes, livestock, agroforestry, wind erosion, watershed management, biodiversity, integrated farming systems, climate change, hydrology, etc. publishes the findings of research relevant to dryland in general and arid zone in particular.

AAZ Cover Page

Vol 55, No 3 & 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


V. Nangia and N.D. Yadava
Boubaker Dhehibi, Ali Ahmed Ibrahim Ali El-Shahat and Aden-Aw Hassan
Fadi Karam and Vinay Nangia
H.V. Parmar and N.K. Gontia
Anurag Saxena, Pradeep Kumar, R.K. Goyal, Nisha Patel and P.S. Khapte
V.S. Rathore, N.D. Yadava, V. Nangia, R. Kumar, Birbal, M.L. Soni, Amit Kumawat and R.S. Yadav
Marjan Aziz, Muhammad Tariq and Wajid Ishaque
M.L. Soni, N.D. Yadava, Sita Ram Jat, I.J. Gulati, V.S. Rathore, Birbal, Amit Kumawat and M. Glazirina
B.S. Yadav and R.P.S. Chauhan
L. Sikaoui, V. Nangia, M. Karrou and T. Oweis
Muhammad Zahid Ihsan, Fathy Saad El-Nakhlawy, Shah Fahad and Saleh Alzamanan
S. Mukhamedjanov, A. Mukhamedjanov, T. Yuldashev and V.A. Dukhovny