ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

    Integrated Basic and Human Resources Appraisal, Monitoring and Desertification

    • Integrated natural resources monitoring in Arid Rajasthan
    • Development and assessment of soil erosion productivity models for rainfed cropping systems in Kachchh region
    • Status of community grazing lands in western Rajasthan
    • Wind erosion and soil loss in western Rajasthan and its impact on agricultural production

    Biodiversity Conservation, Improvement of Annuals & Perennials

    • Genetic improvement of clusterbean, moth bean and mung bean
    • Enrichment of variability in Lasiurus sindicus through collection and induced mutagenesis
    • Breeding pearl millet hybrid parents and hybrids for high temperature tolerance
    • Collection, characterization and preliminary evaluation of sorghum germplasm in arid region
    • Identification and characterization of fodder sorghum against drought and salinity stress for higher fodder productivity in Kachchh region of Gujarat
    • Development of high seed yield genotypes of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) for rainfed situations of arid zone
    • Germplasm collection, evaluation and conservation of underutilized shrubs (Grewia tenax and Indigofera oblongifolia) of Western Rajasthan
    • Digitization and database development of the botanical collections from Indian arid zone
    • Development of mapping populations in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum L.) for high temperature tolerance
    • Synthesis of organo-mineral fertilizers from organic waste: Development of production technology and assessing agronomic efficiency
    • Assessment of assimilation potential and portioning of clusterbean under arid western plains
    • Development of seed coating and pelleting technology for seed spices
    • Enhancement of genetic diversity through hybridization and mutagenesis for clusterbean (Cyamposis tetragonoloba) improvement
    • Isolation, characterization and evaluation of efficient rhizobia for guar and moth bean
    • Collection, evaluation, characterization and identification of suitable Grewia and Cordia species for better fodder and fruit production in arid kachchh
    • Evaluation of Cordia gharaf based agroforestry system in the hyper arid zone of western Rajasthan

    Integrated Arid Land Farming System Research

    • Development of Agri-horti. system in rejuvenated ber orchard in arid condition
    • Long term fertilizer trial on pearl millet
    • On-farm assessment of integrated farming systems in arid region
    • Evolving grass–legume intercropping for quality fodder and soil improvement in arid region of Gujarat
    • Carbon sequestration potential of agroforestry systems in rainfed agro ecosystem in zone I and II
    • Carbon sequestration potentials agroforestry system  in hyper arid partially irrigated zone
    • Establishment, Evaluation and utilization of Cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) in Kachchh region
    • Production and adoption of organic system in arid zone
    • Integrated farming system for enhancing economic resilience in arid regions
    • Development of horticulture based production system for Transitional Plains of Luni basin
    • Assessment of agronomic and economic performances of clusterbean-based cropping systems under different soil management practices in hot arid region
    • Physiological evaluation of mustard genotypes in relation to antioxidant defense mechanism, growth and productivity under temperature stress

    Management of Land and Water Resources

    • Assessing soil compaction and its amelioration in relation to crop root growth
    • Improving water productivity through protected agriculture
    • Evaluation and improvement of soil and crop productivity in a khadin system of arid region
    • Integrated watershed development with special reference to tribal community of Bernia, Dungarpur (Raj.)
    • Quantification of water and energy balance components for groundnut and summer clusterbean in arid western Rajasthan

    Improvement of Animal Production and Management

    • Studies on water requirement of arid cattle
    • Assessment of production potential and improvement of pasture land under different management systems
    • Improving farm productivity through livestock based farming system at farmers’ field

    Plant Products and Value Addition

    • Development of baked functional foods from locally available plant sources in arid region

    Integrated Pest Management

    • Distribution and abundance of rodents in cold arid ecosystem of Leh
    • Development of integrated pest management modules for cumin, groundnut and castor
    • Isolation, evaluation and identification of native bio-control agents against Ganoderma lucidum causing root rot in leguminous trees
    • Ecological evaluation of rodent diversity in Narmada canal command area
    • Integrated weed management in principal crops of cold arid zone

    Non-Conventional Energy Systems, Farm Machinery & Power

    • Refinement of selected agro processing machines for arid produce
    • Optimization of energy and water use in solar PV pump based micro-irrigation system for different scales of operation
    • Dissemination of CAZRI developed solar devices and their refinement for rural areas
    • Optimization of PCM thermal energy storage in solar dryer for dehydration of fruits and vegetables
    • Agrivoltaic system: Development of design criteria and selection of suitable crops for optimum land water and energy use in  western Rajasthan

    Technology Assessment, Refinement and Training

    • Analysis of integration of technologies by farmers in Banni areas
    • ICAR-CAZRI Model village project

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