ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

S. No. Name of Scientist  Designation Discipline
1. Dr. O. P. Yadav Director Plant Breeding
Division of Natural Resources & Environment
1 Dr. C. B. Pandey Head of Division Forestry
2 Dr.  J.P. Singh Principal Scientist Economic Botany
3 Dr.  P.C. Moharana Principal Scientist Geography
4 Dr. R. K. Goyal Principal Scientist Soil & Water Cons. Engineering
5 Dr.  D.V. Singh Senior Scientist Agronomy
6 Dr. N.R. Panwar Senior Scientist Soil. Chemistry/ Fertility/Microbiology
7 Dr. M.K.  Gaur Senior Scientist Geography
8 Dr. R.C. Kasana Senior Scientist Agril. Microbiology
9 Dr. Mahesh Kumar Scientist (Sr. Scale) Pedology
10 Shri  Dipankar Saha Scientist (Sel. Grade) Economic Botany
11 Dr. H.M. Meena Scientist Agril. Meteorology
12 Dr. Saurabh Swami Scientist Agril. Chemicals
Division of Integrated Land use Management and Farming System
1 Dr. Praveen Kumar Head of Division Soil Chemistry/Soil Fertility
2 Dr. Uday Burman Principal Scientist Plant Physiology
3 Dr. Anurag Saxena Principal Scientist Agronomy
4 Dr. P.R.  Meghwal Principal Scientist Horticulture
5 Dr. S.P.S.  Tanwar Principal Scientist Agronomy
6 Dr. Akath Singh Senior Scientist Horticulture
7 Shri  A.K. Sharma Scientist (Sel. Grade) Agronomy
8 Shri Pradeep Kumar Scientist Horticulture
9 Dr. (Miss) Archana Verma Scientist Forestry
10 Shri Khapte Pratap Singh Scientist Vegetable Science
11 Dr.Shirin Kalappurakkal Scientist Agroforestry
12 Dr.(Ms.) Saritha M. Scientist Agricultural Microbiology
Divisoion of Plant Improvement, Propagation and Pest Management
1 Dr. R.K. Bhatt Head of Division Plant Physiology
2 Dr. R.K. Kaul Principal Scientist Nematalogy
3 Dr. S.K. Singh Principal Scientist Plant Pathology
4 Dr. (Mrs.) Anjly Pancholy Principal Scientist Genetics/Cyto-Genetics
5 Dr. (Mrs.) Nisha Patel Principal Scientist Agril. Entomology
6 Dr. Ramavtar Sharma Principal Scientist Gentics/Cyto-genetics
7 Dr.  M.P.  Rajora Principal Scientist Plant Breeding
8 Dr. (Mrs.) R.K. Kalia Principal Scientist Agro-Forestry
9 Dr. H.R. Mahla Principal Scientist Genetics/Cyto-Genetics
10 Dr. P.K.  Roy Senior Scientist Plant Breeding
11 Dr. (Mrs.) Ritu Mawar Senior Scientist Plant Pathology
12 Shri Shantharaja CS Scientist Seed Technology
13 Shri K.B. Choudhary Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding
14 Dr. Kuldeep Singh Jadon Scientist Plant Pathology
15 Dr. Ramesh Kumar Solanki Scientist Genetics & Plant Breeding
Division of Livestock Production Systems and Range Management
1 Dr.  A.K. Misra Head of Division LPM
2 Dr. B.K.  Mathur Principal Scientist Animal Nutrition
3 Dr.  M.  Patidar Principal Scientist Agronomy
4 Dr. R.N.  Kumawat Principal Scientist Agronomy
Division of Agricultural Engineering for Arid Production Systems
1 Dr. Dilip Jain Head of Division AS&PE
2 Shri  Dinesh Mishra Principal Scientist FMP
3 Dr. A.K.  Singh Principal Scientist FMP
4 Dr.  P. Santra Senior Scientist Soil Physics/Soil & Water Conservation
5 Dr. R.K.  Singh Senior Scientist Land & Water Management Engg.
6 Dr. Surendra Poonia Senior Scientist Physics
7 Dr. (Mrs.) Soma Srivastava Scientist Food & Nutrition
8 Er. Om Prakash Scientist Agricultural Structure and Process Engineering/ Agricultural Process Engineering
Division of Transfer of Technology, Training and Production Economics
1 Dr. (Mrs.) Pratibha Tewari Head of Division Home Science
2 Dr. Bhagwan Singh Principal Scientist Agril. Extension
3 Dr. Vijay Avinashilingam N.A. Senior Scientist Agril. Extension
4 Dr. B.L. Manjunatha Scientist Agril. Extension
5 Dr.N.K. Jat Scientist Agronomy
6 Shri P.H. Nikumbhe Scientist Fruit Science
7 Dr.(Mrs.) Dipika Hajong Scientist Agricultural Extension
All India Network Research Project on Rodent Control
1 Dr. R.S. Tripathi Principal Scientist Agril. Entomology
2 Dr. Vipin Choudhary Principal Scientist Agril. Entomology
KVK-CAZRI, Jodhpur
1 Dr. S.K. Sharma Project Coordinator-KVK-Jodhpur Agril. Extension
Regional Research Station - Pali Marwar
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Shukla Head, RRS-Pali Horticulture
2 Dr. B.L. Jangid Principal Scientist Argiculture Extension
3 Dr. Radhey Shyam Mehta Principal Scientist Agronomy
4 Shri  P.L. Reagar Scientist (SG) Soil & Water Conservation
5 Miss Keerthika A. Scientist Forestry
6 Shri Dipak Kumar Gupta Scientist Environment Science
7 Shri Noor Mohammed M.B. Scientist Agroforestry
8 Dr.(Ms.) Kamla Kumari Choudhary Scientist Soil Science
KVK – Regional Research Station - Pali Marwar
1 Dr. Dheeraj Singh Principal Scientist and Programme Coordinator  
Regional Research Station - Bikaner
1 Dr. N.D.  Yadava Head, RRS – Bikaner Agronomy
2 Dr. M.L.  Soni Principal Scientist Soil Chem./Fertility
3 Dr. G.L. Bagdi Principal Scientist Agricultural Extension
4 Dr. Birbal Principal Scientist Horticulture
5 Dr. V.S. Rathore Principal Scientist Agronomy
6 Dr. N.S. Nathawat Principal Scientist Plant Physiology
7 Mrs. Seema Bhardwaj Scientist Pedology
8 Miss Subbulakshmi V. Scientist Agro-Forestry
9 Dr. Manesh Chander Dagla Scientist Gentics & Plant Breeding
10 Misss Sheetal K. Radhakrishnan Scientist Environment Science
11 Shri Renjith P.S. Scientist Agronomy
Regional Research Station - Jaisalmer
1 Head
2 Dr. Venkateshan  K. Scientist Economic  Botany
3 Shri Abhishek Kumar Scientist Agro-Forestry
4 Shri  Julius Uchoi Scientist Fruit Science
5 Mr. Anil Patidar Scentist Economic Botany & Plant Genetics
Regional Research Station - Kukma Bhuj
1 Dr. Devi Dayal Head, RRS-Bhuj Agronomy
2 Dr. Deepesh Machiwal Senior Scientist Soil & Water  Cons. Engg.
3 Shri Sushil Kumar Scientist Agronomy
4 Shri Rahul Dev Scientist Economic Botany
5 Shri  M. Suresh Kumar Scientist Agro-Forestry
Regional Research Station - Leh (Jammu & Kashmir)
1 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan Head, RRS-Leh
2 Dr. M.S.  Raghuvanshi Senior Scientist Agronomy
Newly Join Scientist at CAZRI, Jodhpur which are under Training for Professional Attachment Training
1 Ms. Suman Beniwal   Fruit Science
Scientist on Deputation to ICRISAT for the period of three years w.e.f. 1.8.2013 TO 31.7.2016
1 Dr. Shalander Kumar   Agril. Economics

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