ICAR - Central Arid Zone Research Institute

An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Institute

S.No. Name of the Projects International Collabration Period
1. Genetic resource of arid/semi arid zone arborial species for the improvement of rural living FAO/NBPGR 1984
2. Desertification monitoring USSR Academy of Science 1988
3. Evaluation of pearl millet germplasm and breeding lines for adaption to western Rajasthan ICRISAT 1989
4. Fodder, agricultural research and drought management ICRISAT 1989
5. Desert agriculture: Cluster of villages in arid district Bikaner, Rajasthan IFAD 1989
6. Enhancing fertilizer use efficiency in conjunction with residue management in dryland crops and cropping system USDA 1990
7. Germplasm enhancement for drought tolerance and reclamation of wasteland USDA 1990
8. Development of models to simulate field water balance and water use crop yield relations to optimize production in arid and semiarid regions of India USDA 1990
9. Studies on afforestation with functional soil improving materials NCLI, Japan 1990
10. Development/testing of models to simulate field moisture balance, water use-yield relation in Indian in arid zone. Indo-US Project 1990-1997
11. Germplasm Enhasment for drought tolerance and Reclamation of Westernlands INDO-US 1990-1998
12. To evaulate the Prosopis species for biofuel and pod production for arid semi-arid regions of India USDA 1991
13. Integrated system for "Soil water and nutrient management" ICRISAT 1997-1999
14. Rehabilitation of lignite mine distributed area INDO-US 1999-2004
15. Indo-Hungarian Project on "Mapping of salt affected soils and amelioration of soils degraded due to saline/high RSC (Carbonate) water irrigation" Indo-Hungarian Programme 2000-2002
16. Integrated technologies for assessing the extent and cause of degradation arid community rangelands ACIAR 2000-2004
17. Pearl millet male sterile line (seed parent) breeding work at CAZRI, Jodhpur ICAR/ICRISAT 2002-2004

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